February 25th 2022


“The Spatial Internet of the Future”


How does the future of the internet look and how is it going to affect our everyday life?


On the 25th of February 2022 we are organizing a ‘Metaverse Summit’ at Khora (Høkerboderne 8, 1712 Copenhagen V). We have invited a number of experts working with IoT, AI, VR & AR to help us explore exciting topics about the future of the internet.


A future where the internet becomes a digital layer over the world and over human reality, making us permanent residents in a “Blurred Reality”. VR & AR will be the new interface of the digital world, allowing us to jump in and out of the internet. AI will be our personal assistant and curator of the content. It will always help us, and we will rely on it just as we rely on our senses. IoT will make everything online, every object will be detected, and every person will be located – all of the time.


Together we should be able to think, discuss and reflect on how these technologies will eventually change our lives and the world, as we know it. The summit is completely free, and we aim to gather a small group of people from various industries, who are pioneers and futurists in innovation and digitalization. The selected group of people will be exclusive and therefore you must make a request when signing up for tickets.



09:00 Croissants and VR/AR

10:00 Opening by Simon Lajboschitz

11:00 Breakout in groups

12:00 Lunch

12:45 NEOS VR demo & questions

13:00 Panel (Meta, Unity (TBA) & TDC/Eriksson)

14:00 Breakout in groups

15:00 Groups present to each other

15:30 “Write the Future” – Individual assignment

16:00 Drink & networking

Who is attending?
We are aiming to gather around 25 people from all these industries (MR + AI + IoT), futurist visionaries and commercial partners that have a great interest in this intersection and want to be one step ahead.

Why should you be attending?
We know that asking you to dedicate a full day to us can be quite demanding, but here is a quick list of reasons that are meant to change your mind: Network with relevant companies within the tech industry. This is the place to get to know the people that can make this future happen. Everyone at the meeting will be able to know who you are, and why you are attending – and so will you about the others. You will also have plenty of opportunities to mingle.

Get to learn more about MR (VR / AR) + IoT + AI
. It is quite hard to be an expert in all these areas, that’s why we are bringing experts in these areas to help us understand them better before diving into the exploration of our future scenario.

Be part of shaping the future.
This event is going to be the Ground Zero in Copenhagen for this discussion. We will want you to work together on future scenarios and work on the main principles that should be driving the way we build this future. And if we can start creating some of these concepts today, even better – the right people will be together

More info about speakers and the agenda for the day tba


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