World’s best VR Physics game


“UP’N’ATOM develops students’ understanding of chemical elements and their structure. The game is a great addition to physics and chemistry classes, which makes teaching more dynamic and entertaining.”


– Benjamin, teacher from Carolineskolen

”It’s a different way to learn physics, I really like it!”


– 9th grader from Sct. Nicolai Skole

“In virtual reality game you work with your partner in a completely new approach. You talk about physics in a different way than you would normally do. ”


– 9th grader from Sct. Nicolai Skole

“It’s exciting and feels more realistic, because you enter into a different galaxy instead of sitting and reading the book”


– 9th grader from Sct. Nicolai Skole

“I think it was fun to be in physics class with VR glasses on!”


– 9th grader from Sct. Nicolai Skole

What’s UP‘N’ATOM?

UP’N’ATOM is a learning game for physics and chemistry classes.

The goal of the game is to access the escape capsule by finding the correct codes for the locks. Each code consists of three numbers, namely the number of protons, electrons and neutrons of a particular element.

UP’N’ATOM is a collaboration game between 2 or 3 players. One player explores the game environment using a VR headset, while the other player(s) is (are) using the manual to find the right solution. Players have to communicate with each other in order to access the escape capsule.


How do I get the game?


To use this app, you will need an Iphone 5 or later, or any Android phone.

You can download UP’N’ATOM to your mobile device (Android and iOs) here:

Do I need anything else?

In order to play the game, you need a VR headset and the manual.

It is important that the manual is available in printed version (preferably A3 size) for each group of players.

You can download game rules, manual, and guidelines for teachers here:

Sounds good! But where can I get a VR headset?

For the most optimal experience, you can use the following VR headsets:


Who made this incredible game?

The game was developed by Khora Virtual Reality and Fuzzy House.

We appreciate your feedback! Send us an e-mail to info@khoravr.com or write a review in the app store ?.


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