Centaur 360 | The Danish Dance Teater

Client: The Danish Dance Teater

Target Medium: SoMe, Pico

Challenge: Due to COVID-19 restrictions on large gatherings, the Danish Dance Theatre was looking to repurpose their planned production in the spring of 2020. The work explores what happens when dancers encounter a newly developed artificial intelligence program which influences the choreographic composition.

Task: Khora worked as a collaborative partner on the VR experience that is an extension of the project, adapted for VR headsets and 360 platforms. It takes you on a journey with the possibility of choosing your own perspective on the dance, and even being in the middle of the stage. Khora was tasked to film 2 separate performances using a high end 360 video camera (Insta Titan), and overlay graphics that were used in the original performance.

Solution: The recorded performance is available for streaming on Vimeo, SoMe and here


Peter Fisher

Peter Fisher

Co-founder & CTO

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