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Mission: Khora Contemporary was created as a collaboration between Khora VR and Faurschou Foundation to become a bridge between the artists and Virtual Reality developers. The aim is to provide artists with the best assistance to develop and unleash their imaginative visions exploring this new medium and its limitless possibilities. Putting the artist at the center of the process, Khora Contemporary is the paintbrush, which makes the artist’s idea come alive in VR. Given Khora’s expertise in the Virtual Reality field and Faurschou Foundation’s longstanding presence in the most professional segment of the art world, Khora Contemporary is well equipped to expand artistic practice within the VR medium.

Khora Contemporary aims at establishing the VR technology as a widely applied medium within the arts, becoming the Virtual Reality Art production company of choice in the art world. It is only a matter of time before Virtual Reality artworks populate the permanent collections of museums, public spaces and our living rooms.

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Peter Fisher

Peter Fisher

Co-founder & CTO

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