Sensory Concert|Kh Marie

Client: Kh Marie and Aarhus Theatre supported by the Danish Arts Foundation

Target Medium: Oculus Go

Task: In collaboration with the successful and multi talented Kh Marie, who researches and teaches audiodesign, we have created a new experimental Virtual Reality concert experience which influences and involves multiple senses. The immersive experience of VR really pops and comes to life in this intimate concert performance made up on the main stage at Aarhus Theatre. Not only are you fully immersed visually with additional spatialized sound but Kh Marie has also developed the unique fragrance Klara Ravat from Berlin based Smell Lab  that was spread during the live show and for some parts of the VR showing too.

The project was funded by the Danish Arts Foundation for its methodology developing experimentation with VR Sensory Concerts for vulnerable people in regards to the COVID-19 virus, especially elders in nursing homes, as it’ll be a long time before they can experience live performances again.

 As Marie is an assistant professor at Aarhus University the project will be used for her future research and academic literature as a pre-pilot study that might be further developed at a later point, depending on the findings from her initial research.

Press: Gaffa Danmark

Client’s Testimony

“Although it was my idea to do this VR concert experiment, I must admit that I have always been skeptical about how live music and VR could be thought of together. However, I have been driven by a great curiosity to see how an audio focus experience could control the audience’s attention, in such a visually borne medium. Having worked with Khora and all the amazing forces behind our sensory concert, I must say that I am absolutely convinced that it has a huge potential in offering a sensual and immersive experience of “live music”, even to those who are not able to attend physical concerts. Khora has been fantastic to work with and I hope we will continue to work with this potential in the future.”

– Kh Marie
Performer and assistant professor


Peter Fisher

Peter Fisher

Co-founder & CTO

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