Haunted By The Future | Sort/Hvid

Client: Sort/Hvid

Target Medium: IPhone & IPad

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Task: The Theater Sort/Hvid’s artistic director Christian Lollike long wanted to work with Virtual and Augmented digital formats that Khora specializes in. Lockdown was an obvious opportunity to test the collaboration and experiment with the development of a digital format. The expansion of the theatre’s artistic field of activity was made possible by a grant from the Statens Kunstfonds grant ‘Together for art,’ which targets artistic development within the changing conditions brought on by the pandemic.

Solution: The solution was a pilot project which worked as a hybrid between digital film and theatre, which lasts approx. ten minutes. Two actors brings the ghosts story to live. Their performance is recorded on the green screen using volumetric video. Afterwards, Khora has animated effects, added filters and created a soundtrack that amplifies the horror of the story. Finally, the audience must activate the narrative themselves in their own home.

Press Articles:  P1 Radio |​ DR Kultur

Client’s Testimony

“We imagined a format that used technology to move the story into the audience’s home. In a way, the work was inspired by the confinement here, which has been ongoing since March 2020. In Haunted by the Future, the audience is not just sent home; they are also haunted,”


– Christian Lollike
Artistic Director | Sort/Hvid


Peter Fisher

Peter Fisher

Co-founder & CTO

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