Nikolaj Kunsthal | Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center

Client: Nikolaj Kunsthal

Target Medium: Pico

Nikolaj Tower was for one year temporarily closed in Nikolaj Kunsthal due to renovations. Visitors therefore did not have the opportunity to visit Nikolaj Tower, experience the tower’s history or see the panoramic view of Copenhagen from a height of 35 meters. Therefore, Nikolaj Kunsthal wanted to give their visitors an opportunity to experience Nikolaj Tower and its history through an immersive VR experience.

The VR experience takes less than five minutes, and transports visitors into a historic and immersive journey in Nikolaj Tower’s unique history and gives visitors insight into its unique roles and special development from church to a modern art center. The tour goes through the tower’s history through stories and illustrations and comes to an end at the top of the tower, there the view of Copenhagen can be experienced.

Client’s Testimony

“For Nikolaj Kunsthal, it was obvious to co-create a VR experience in our historic tower with Khora, as they had a good understanding of what we wanted to convey and at the same time have the necessary technical skills. We are constantly investigating new opportunities for dissemination in various media, and here Khora is an important sparring and cooperation partner for us.”

– Helene Nyborg Bay
Artistic Director 


Matias Seidler

Matias Seidler

Museums and Tourism Specialist

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