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Client: Videnscenter for Velfærdsteknologi – SOSU H

Target Medium: Smartphone/Tablet

Download Links: Android (Google PlayStore) iOS (App Store)

In collaboration with Videnscenter for Velfærdsteknologi, Khora has created an AR App ‘Body Anatomy AR’, where you can explore and study diseases, bones, muscles and organs live in real size.

In Body Anatomy AR, you can place a skeleton on the floor where you can see diseases, muscles, bones and organs. The app is a visual way to explore the body and diseases. When you have placed your skeleton in front of you, you can make it bigger and smaller, you can walk around it and experience the anatomy and the diseases physically, as a visual supplement to the theory in the textbooks and another way of learning in general in healthcare educations. The app contains two layers of muscles, two layers of organs, one layer of bones and one layer of diseases. Including osteoporosis, dementia, blood clot in the heart, pressure ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, herniated disc, blood clot in the brain, COPD, cirrhosis, artificial hip, broken arm, etc.

The App is available in both App store and Google Play.

Client’s Testimony

We had a great time working with Khora on this project. Khora was just as excited about the idea, as we were, and the project was managed well and followed the schedule as planned. We had a great communication and solved all issues smooth along the way.


– Lars Jørgensen
Velfærdsteknologisk Konsulent | Videnscenter for velfærdsteknologi


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Thomas Saaby Noer

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