Cerebral Palsy | Jonstrupvang

Mark Schram Christensen (Copenhagen University)
Jonstrupvang, living facility

Target Medium: Quest 2

Challenge:  Citizens with cerebral palsy are affected to varying degrees by paralysis that limits their physical ability. Existing VR games do not take any physical limitations into account and are therefore completely or partially impossible to use for citizens with cerebral palsy.

Task:  Due to the physical limitations’ individuals with cerebral palsy experience, it is necessary to develop a game that allows adaptations and changes in relation to both physical ability and load. The VR game aims to motivate the individuals’ forward physical development and quality of life by challenging their mobility.

Solution: The game is built in multi-levels and designed like the cockpit of a spaceship, where the player must complete several tasks to move out into the space, where they are met with enemy spaceships. The game is designed to be customized to the individual player by testing for arm movement, as well as the player’s ability to focus of specific objects.​


Thomas Saaby Noer

Thomas Saaby Noer

Head of Healthcare

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