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Client: SUS – Socialt Udviklingscenter

Target Medium: Pico G3

Challenge: SUS – Socialt Udviklingscenter sought a solution to foster understanding and empathy among three distinct groups within an elderly home: healthcare professionals, elderly citizens, and family members. The challenge was to create a VR experience that allowed each group to immerse themselves in the daily lives and perspectives of others, promoting empathy and enhancing communication within the facility.

Task: Khora collaborated closely with SUS to develop a VR 360 experience that provided an immersive experience for healthcare professionals, elderly citizens, and family members. The task involved crafting a narrative that allowed users to follow the story from three different perspectives, offering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and joys each group faces in the elderly home environment.

Solution: Khora created a VR 360 experience that allowed users to step into the shoes of either a healthcare professional, elderly citizen, or family member, experiencing life from their unique viewpoints. The solution incorporated realistic environments, interactions, and emotions to bridge the understanding gap between the three groups. The VR experience was designed to be emotionally impactful, fostering empathy and improved communication and reflection.

Client’s Testimony

“We have experienced the collaboration and development process with Khora as very committed and professional, where our knowledge, wishes and input have always been seriously listened to. Both in the work with the script and during the recording, there has been a great commitment to creating the best product – to try new things and find alternative solutions when it was needed and to do the extra needed to get the very best result. The final product is a well-created and realistic VR film which shows three different perspectives of the same situation. We are very much looking forward to using the VR film.


– SUS | Vold som Udtryksform


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