Healthy Kids | Gladsaxe Municipality & Copenhagen University

Collaborations: Gladsaxe Municipality, University of Copenhagen & Erhvervsfyrtårnet Live Science

Target Medium: Smartphone/Tablet

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Healthy Kids through gamification

The project Healthy Kids through gamification is made in collaboration between Khora, Gladsaxe Municipality and University of Copenhagen. The project is funded by Erhvervsfyrtårnet Life Science – Healthy weight and aims to examine how the XR technologies, VR and AR, can be included in primary schools as a tool to increase movement in education.

In the past year, Khora has collaborated with both teachers and subject managers at Grønnemose and Bagsværd School in Gladsaxe respectively to implement XR technologies as part of the teaching. Additionally, Khora has developed God of Math, a math app that utilizes AR, geolocation and gamification to motivate the children to solve math problems while being active. At the same time, Khora, in collaboration with Leo Bilgrav from Learning & Innovation, has tested various methods and programs for incorporating VR in various subjects directly into the classroom.

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Resources for VR in primary school

Handbook for VR in primary school

Get ready to use Virtual Reality in the classroom. This handbook contains advice on teaching structures and practical considerations, as well as examples of teaching courses with VR.

Find the handbook here

Fundamental instructions

Learn about VR headsets and their basic functions through instruction videos. The videos can be used by both teachers and students.

Introduction to Oculus 2 headset and controllers

Guardsystem and settings

Screenshots, screen recordings and casting to computers

Game library and App Store

There is a large selection of both free and paid apps and programs for VR. The selection is updated daily with new content, which can be accessed either directly from the VR headset or from their website. Find the website here

Youtube and internet forums are also a great place to look for recommendations, as they often list new programs coming out in the near future or offer reviews of current programs and apps. Find examples here

Technical difficulties

It is possible to find assistance with technical difficulties on Meta’s website. Further, there are numerous how-to videos on various internet forums and Youtube. Periodically, major updates are made to the operating system within the VR headsets, and it may take a few days for instructional videos to be uploaded accordingly.

Learnings and takeaways


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