Conflict Handling | Ambulance Syd

Client: Ambulance Syd

Target Medium: Oculus Go

Challenge: Despite extensive training and theoretical situations, it can be difficult to make the correct, rational choices when staff are placed in a real and more life-like situation.

Task: In order to optimize ambulance rescuers’ handling of various situations, and their ability to make the correct choices in conflict management, Ambulance Syd wanted an opportunity to place their staff in more life-like situations. Through 4 VR films, with 4 different scenarios, the aim is to further train their staff in conflict management

Solution: Khora has produced 4 VR films with 4 different scenarios:

  1. 68-year-old man with chest pain for 3 days
  2. General weakened, demented woman must be admitted
  3. Middle-aged man makes verbal threats after wife’s death
  4. Violent behavior from a drunken man who must be hospitalized after a fight

The 4 VR films are uploaded to a specially designed app on 4 Oculus Go headsets at Ambulance Syd. In each of the scenarios, the staff is faced with several choices in relation to handling the patient or relatives. Each choice has a consequence that either leads the staff further in the process, an explanation of why the choice was wrong, or directly to game over.


Thomas Saaby Noer

Thomas Saaby Noer

Head of Healthcare

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