VR Flight Exposure | Ørsted


Client: Ørsted

Target Medium: Oculus Go

Task: Flight Exposure is a virtual reality (VR) exposure training experience, designed to help Ørsted employees with a fear of fearing. It was delivered with a written guide to help first time users. Both the guide and the script of the 360 video were written with consultation from psychologist Marius Kristoffersen from PJK Psykologerne. The exposure training should be repeated by the user until their fear is reduced to a comfortable level, and they feel ready for a real flight. The VR exposure training includes all the key elements of a flight, from check-in, boarding, take-off, flying and landing.

Client’s Testimony

We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Khora VR. They deliver with an extraordinary high standard  – both in the technical, as well as their project managing. They have some highly skilled people amongst their staff, that are ready to make the customer’s experience easy from A-Z , and they are also ready to challenge the decisions in order to get an even better product. We have worked with Khora VR on several occasions – as a part of a VR experience in the My Moment Campaign, and in production of our first in the world stand-alone Ørsted Flight Exposure VR training.


– Regitze Siggaard
Health Manager | Ørsted


Thomas Saaby Noer

Thomas Saaby Noer

Head of Healthcare

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