Cells Anatomy | Videnscenter for Velfærdsteknologi

Client: Videnscenter for Velfærdsteknologi

Target Medium: Quest + Smartphone/Tablet

Download Links: Android (Google PlayStore) | iOS (App Store)

In collaboration with Videnscenter for Velfærdsteknologi, Khora has created a VR 360-video as well as a 3D animated interactive App called ‘Cells Anatomy’ in which you can explore the cells anatomy in a 360 universe. You will be guided through the structure of the cell from cell membrane to cell nucleus and get to navigate through a human cell and interact with the cell’s organelles in your own pace.

Cells anatomy is the perfect companion for science or just for curious minds who want to delve into the microcosm. Explore the incredible world of the cell and understanding its basics through this app!

The App is available in both App store and Google Play.

Client’s Testimony

“Our collaboration with Khora on this project was a fantastic experience. Khora shared our enthusiasm for the idea, and the project was skillfully managed, adhering closely to the planned schedule. Effective communication allowed us to smoothly address and resolve any issues that arose along the way.


– Lars Jørgensen
Velfærdsteknologisk Konsulent|Videnscenter for velfærdsteknologi


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