VR for Integration of Immigrants | Kommunernes Landsforening (KL)


Client: Kommunernes Landsforening (KL)

Target Medium: Oculus Go

Task: “Job in reality” (“Job i virkeligheden”) is the name of the project, which is formed by a collaboration between KL and Khora and the municipalities of SkiveAabenraaAalborgRudersdal and Roskilde. Through 5 different VR movies, viewers get the opportunity to experience a refugee’s journey, into the Danish labour market, and learn about some of the challenges and expectations, that they were met with along the way. The movies also focus on the Danish working culture, which includes a lot of unwritten rules that can be hard to explain and needs to be experienced.

Using VR for integration purposes makes it possible to deliver an immersive experience of the Danish labour market. Many refugees and immigrants do not possess any knowledge or experience from the Danish labour market, and instead creates a lot of notions about it, for better or worse. The VR movies can help put down some of the myths and create a more smooth transition towards the labour market with a better understanding of the danish society in general.

Solution: The solution includes 5 individual 360 degree movies representing 5 different job industries. The movies are targeted towards refugees and immigrants and are introducing the unskilled labour market in Denmark. The movies take place at concrete workplaces in the following industries: Transport, Retail, Hotel, Cleaning, Care-taking.

Every movie is around 5-7 minutes long and available in 6 different languages: Danish, English, Arabic, Farsi, Somali and Tigrinya.

The movies can be used by municipalities, language centers, educational institutions, companies and civil society etc. They can for example be used for integration purposes through danish lessons. The movies can be experienced and re-experienced and analyzed with an educational angle towards it.

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Client’s Testimony

“At KL we are concerned with how more refugees and immigrants can enter the labor market. Virtual reality is interesting in this regard because it can give refugees and immigrants an experience and understanding of what it is like to work in Denmark. The five movies we made in collaboration with Khora each show a typical working day at a specific workplace in an industry that lacks labor.


Throughout the process, Khora has been a highly professional partner. They have contributed to the project with great commitment and many good ideas. All deliveries have fallen on time and have been of high quality. At the same time, the people of Khora have been very flexible, for example in terms of travel activity and our wishes for changes, even if it was at the last minute.”


– Sara Glahder Lindberg
Senior Consultant | KL

How to Access The Material?


The VR movies run on Oculus Go VR headsets through an app. To access the app or to purchase VR headsets with pre-installed access please read more on KL’s official website here (in danish) or send us a request bellow.

*The following video clips do not include original audio tracks as those are only available in the official VR app including the language selection.


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