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Client: Videnscenter for Håndværk, Bæredygtighed, Klimarenovering og Byggeri

Target Medium: Oculus Quest

Task: The Knowledge Center for Crafts, Sustainability, Climate Renovation and Construction is supporting a broad range of educations in Denmark such as Construction Gardeners, Construction Engineers, Building Engineers, Carpenters, Glass Masters, Masons, Electricians, Technicians, Plumbers, Blacksmiths and many more. The Knowledge Center’s main role is to gather and provide expert knowledge for the technical schools with the newest technologies available within the different areas.

Many of these educations share some of the same courses and expected learning outcomes. One of them are specifically looking into thermal inspection where students are learning how to use thermal cameras and inspect households and buildings for things like drafts, isolation issues and possible mold complications. A scenario that is very hard to practice and simulate at the technical schools.

Therefore, Khora has built a VR training simulation together with the Knowledge Center, specifically guiding students through a virtual scenario of inspecting a household using a thermal camera. In the VR experience students are to discover common climate threats, using a thermal camera for outdoor and indoor inspection of a house. The simulation is full of complexity and includes among other things: guided voice-overs, randomized problem areas, feedback on results, visual presentation of future scenarios etc.

By using VR for this specific purpose the Knowledge Center and the technical schools can provide simulation training to students in a more effective and cost-efficient way.

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Client’s Testimony

“At the Knowledge Center we had many ideas for experiences and teaching in VR. After the first workshops with Khora it became clear that the focus had to be on the situations that are hard for the schools to recreate in class. It does not make sense to perform crafts in VR that you can do better at the schools workshop. Therefore we chose building thermography, where the simulation can present a scenario with special conditions, in which the schools can’t recreate in their own environments.”


Lars Jensen
Projektudvikler | Videnscenter for Håndværk, Bæredygtighed, Klimarenovering og Byggeri

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