VR training – Industrial Robots | Industriens Uddannelser

Client: Industriens Uddannelser

Target Medium: Meta Quest 2

Industriens Uddannelser is an education secretariat that develops education for the industrial field and its employees. For their working environment training courses, Khora in collaboration with Industriens Uddannelser, has created a Virtual Reality experience in 3D, as a supplement to their courses;

  • Handling of industrial robots for operators
  • Robot operation for operators

The VR experience enables the student to control a robotic arm with the VR equipment. In the digital simulation, the student will have the opportunity to test several aspects of the industrial robot;

  • Robot movements
  • Joints in multi-axis robot arms
  • Coordinate systems
  • Movement types 

The VR experience will not replace the physical teaching but will become part of a blended learning environment, to give the students hands-on experience with the robots during the course, and to optimize their handling of the industrial robots before they complete the course.


Jonathan Komang-Sønderbek

Jonathan Komang-Sønderbek

Training and Simulations Specialist

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