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Client: Universe (by Danfoss)

Target Medium: HTC Vive

Task: The Universe is a science park in Nordborg, South of Jylland, that has opened up one of the largest Virtual Reality installations in Europe. In order to showcase the potential of the technology, they commissioned 3 experiences to Khora.

One of the park’s main attractions is the Blue Cube (Blå Kube), so, in order to make the visit even more memorable, the Universe wanted to provide an experience of being on top of the iconic infrastructure. By using pictures of the actual site, Khora used photogrammetry techniques to shape them into a VR experience.

Client’s Testimony

“We wanted a VR experience that had something local from our park, an experience to show the technical aspect of VR and an experience that highlighted the science in the immersive experience VR can be! Having one developer in Khora that could do it all was very comfortable.


Being new in VR development and in retrospect, we should have asked Khora to do the concept development as well. 


We recommend Khora as a VR partner.”


– Troels Nim Andersen
Project Leader | Universe

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