Helsingør Skole & Kommune  |VR Helsingør History Walk


Client: Helsingør Skole, Helsingør Kommune

Target Medium: Pico 2G 4K

Challenge: In 2018, Helsingør School starts working with VR technology and headsets in the primary school. This process is all planned in collaboration with Khora Virtual Reality. One day, as Helsingør School meet up with Khora to continue working on the implementation of the VR technology in the primary school, an idea come up! We will make a 360 virtual reality film, which with selected historical impacts wishes to inspire students in the school to investigate Helsingør’s exciting history.

Task: After the idea was born, planning for the 360 film starts. We make sketches for the film’s narrative. We talk to historical experts to gain historical knowledge about Helsingør and make a lot of other preparations. Finally, on a fine day in June with sun and light clouds, the film crew shoots a 360 VR film about Helsingør’s history with a drone and INSTA PRO earth camera.

Solution: VR Helsingør History Walk is now a four parted educational material which contains the VR app, the digital twin in YouTube, a teaching guide and finally a photobook from the day on filming. The hole teaching package is intended for teaching in the primary school, but also for camp school students previsiting the city, museum visitors and new citizens of the city of Helsingør.


Matias Seidler

Matias Seidler

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