Helsingør Skole VR Project


Client: Helsingør Skole

Target Medium: Oculus Go

Task: Helsingør Skole is one of the largest schools in the country, and they aspire to be both innovative and experimental when it comes to teaching. They are curious about the potential of new technologies and how virtual reality can be used in the classroom to enhance learning and motivate the students.

Khora arranged workshops for the teachers so they could become the school’s new virtual reality experts, helping both coworkers and students to navigate in the world of VR. With 48 Oculus Go’s they can now bring their students to different corners of the world, take them on trips to space or through the blood vessels in the human body.

Helsingør Skole are frontrunners with one of the most ambitious VR-school projects in Denmark and are serving as an example for other schools who want to give their students an understanding of future technology.


Jonathan Komang-Sønderbek

Jonathan Komang-Sønderbek

Education Specialist

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