Breathe|Diego Galafassi, Crimes of Curiosity and Phi-Centre

Client: Diego Galafassi, Crimes of Curiosity and Phi-Centre

Target Medium: Magic Leap

Task: The purpose of the BREATHE project is to raise awareness of the contemporary climate challenge by giving the user an experience of coexistence with and dependence on the biosphere, ie. nature. Khora co-created the prototype of the experience, focusing on linking respiratory sensors on the user’s bodies to the AR headset.

BREATHE is a mixed reality experience run on the Augmented Reality headset “Magic Leap”. In the BREATHE experience, it’s the user’s body movements, gestures and breathing that are used to interact with a mixed reality universe.

The project is an artistic contribution that sparks questions and curiosity around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal on Climate Action.

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