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Client: Algarve Living Science Center

Platform: Pico

The Algarve project is part of the Algarve Living Science Center’s Digitraining project and shows the Ria Formosa Lagoon, located in Algarve, Portugal. The experience is one of three made for the Creative Europe Project. It is part of Algarve’s interactive center with the mission to educate people within science by developing and promoting actions that stimulate scientific and technological cultural interest.

The Lagoon is 60 km long and is a system of barrier islands which connects to the sea. This project takes the visitors on an immersive journey in virtual reality, and dives into the lagoon. The VR experience transports the visitors into the lagoon, and shows its inhabitants, the components, the ecosystem and how it all works together. All nature follows specific patterns, which can be uncovered using mathematic and scientific approaches, which is emphasized in the VR experience.

Client’s Testimony

“The design is very realistic and almost better than diving because the visibility is usually much lower and it is much more difficult to see seahorses and the involving environment when diving in the real ocean

– Experienced divers

“I am afraid of water because i cannot swin so i was anxious knowing that it would be an underwater experience. But finally it was very cool! It allowed me to understand, what the underwater life is and to feel a bit what it should be like to dive. It was an amazing experience!”

– Adult

“At the end i was astonished with several details! I thought it would be just biology, fishes and algae and i did not know about all this stuff, the crystals, the mathematics of shells, the oxygen..”

– Teenager

“Wow awesome…!!! I am underwater with seahorses and i can breathe!”

– Young child


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Matias Seidler

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