AR Viking Duel | Trelleborg Viking Fortress, National Museum of Denmark

In collaboration with: Trelleborg Viking Fortress, Nationalmuseum

Target Medium: Smartphone/Tablet

Trelleborg Viking Fortress is a museum dedicated to telling and sharing the history of the Vikings. The Viking Age in Denmark stretches from the years 800-1050. Trelleborg Viking Fortress wanted to give their visitors a site-specific experience that gives Viking enthusiasts and visitors a deeper understanding of how the Vikings fought through dynamic and sensuous communication of Viking battle.

To develop the experience, Khora developed an AR app, that is either used on-site by Trelleborg Viking Fortress, or by the individual visitor who can download the app to their smartphone/tablet. The app allows visitors, through their camera, to experience a battle between two enemy Viking warriors while their story is being told. Throughout the experience, guests can study and zoom in on the Viking’s weapons, shields and clothing.


Matias Seidler

Matias Seidler

Museums and Tourism Specialist

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