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Client: Nationalmuseet

Target Medium: Pico G2 4K

The National Museum wanted to place images from the past at Rådhuspladsen through VR, as part of the project ‘Hvor er det fra’ (Where is it from). ‘Hvor er det fra’ is an initiative from the National Museum, where visitors can contribute to documenting the museum’s images and create a digital map based on the collected photographs.


In collaboration with the National Museum, Khora has produced a 360° VR-film that takes you on a journey through time at Rådhuspladsen through recorded images and stories.

Client’s Testimony

Khora is an absolutely solid, flexible, and creative partner when developing new digitally driven experiences. They manage projects on any scale very steadily and timely and often think and act ahead of their projects. Big or small? Oldschool or newschool? Khora can help you realize your ideas.”


– Jacob Rissersholm Wang
Head of Museum IT | Nationalmuseet


Kathrine Fremming

Kathrine Fremming

Business Developer

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