Royal Academy | Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design & Conservation  

Client: Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design & Conservation

Target Medium: Smartphone / Tablet

In collaboration with the Royal Danish Academy, Khora has produced the Augmented Arboretum, a digital reconstruction of botanical collections that are displayed at the Royal Danish Academy alongside their respective physical botanical preserved components.

The Royal Danish Academy is the Nordic leading academy within architecture, design and conservation and wanted to create an opportunity to mix the material space with point clouds in Augmented Reality. Through this project, visitors get the opportunity to experience the history and origins behind the exhibits through iPads that are provided on-site and scan the exhibits to reveal the digital reconstruction.

Client’s Testimony

“We wanted to explore new ways of making architectural models, new ways of mixing material space with point clouds in augmented reality, and so we needed a collaborator who both shared our ambition to push the AR-technology and had an openness towards an artistic approach to the media. Khora fulfilled all of that, combined with a highly professional attitude and personal engagement.”

– Royal Danish Academy


Kathrine Fremming

Kathrine Fremming

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