Møns Manhood Test | Geocenter Møns Klint

Client: Geocenter Møns Klint

Target Medium: HTC Vive Pro

Until 1988, young men walked around Sommerspiret – a distinctive chalk-layered 102 m high peak on the cliffs of Møn – as a way to prove their manhood. On January 13th 1988, Sommerspiret crashed into the sea in a large landslide and the foolhardy tradition of proving bravado stopped. Now there is chance to revisit the old tradition when GeoCenter Møns Klint brings back the old manhood test in virtual reality.

GeoCenter Møns Klint is one of Denmark’s cutting-edge science centers where visitors learn and play their way through Denmark’s astonishing past – 70 million years back in time. From May 2022, you find the Møn’s Manhood Test among the GeoCenter’s interactive experiences to give visitors an opportunity to experience the old tradition.

With a pair of VR glasses and a simulated 3D model of Sommerspiret, visitors sense what it’s like to stand at the edge of the high cliff and if you’re brave (or shall we call it foolish?) you can cling around the narrow ledge at Sommerspiret. This experience is not for the faint-hearted as some places have a vertical drop to the beach of more than 100 meters. We guarantee a hair-raising experience that tricks your brain and gives a proper tingle in your stomach!

Khora and GeoCenter Møns Klint have previously collaborated on a VR experience where guests become a peregrine falcon and fly along the impressive cliffs of Møn. Check it out here!


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