Esrum Monastery | Esrum Monastery & Møllegård

Client: Esrum Abbey & Millfarm

Target Medium: Tablet

Task: Esrum Monastery has a long history and is today a museum. The monastery was founded in 1151, and was once one of the largest and most well-known monasteries in Denmark, but was lost in 1559 and today consists of only one remaining building. Esrum Kloster & Møllegård wanted to recreate the monastery and its buildings in AR, to give visitors the opportunity to experience the history of the monastery through its greatness and decline.

Solution: In collaboration with Esrum Kloster & Møllegård, Khora has created an Augmented Reality experience where visitors at the location can experience a guided virtual tour of Esrum Kloster, where they can restore buildings, experience the history of the monastery and demolish the buildings, to return to current day. The experience is guided by the spirit of Esrum Monastery, narrated by Lars Mikkelsen.


Kathrine Fremming

Kathrine Fremming

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