Wine Museum Association in Helsingør

Client: Helsingør Vinmuseumsforening (Helsingør’s Wine Museum Association)

Target Medium: Oculus Go

Task: Back in the Renaissance era, Helsingør, more than a strategic stronghold, it was a major contributor for the growth of the country. Through the charge of a toll at the Øresund straight (the Sound Dues), the Danish Crown was able to grow in wealth. These were mainly paid in goods, and a special arrangement was made when ships were transporting wine. For every 30 bottles or casks, they would have to leave one for the Danish Crown. This allowed the Danish monarchy to have in Helsingør one of the largest wine collections in Denmark that they used for personal use.

The Wine Museum Association in Helsingør often organizes wine festivals and workshops, that wanted to highlight the historic importance of the region and its connection to wine. They also have a permanent Plug’N’Play podium at their association in order to show it to their visitors.

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