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Client: Børns Vilkår

Target Medium: Samsung Gear VR and Social Media (Facebook and Youtube)

Task: In a fast-paced and ever growing technological society, cyberbullying has become a common problem in multiple Danish classrooms. It is estimated that, on average, two children per classroom are victim of bullying. One of the solutions to fight this problem can pass through having the parents and teachers spot and prevent these situations on time, and together build a healthy classroom community. To raise awareness to this topic, Børns Vilkår (children’s rights association) wanted to immerse parents and teachers in the world of a bullied child and show how quickly an innocent action can grow out of proportions and be spread among children.

Supported by Tryg Fonden, Børns Vilkår reached out to Khora to produce a 360º video that transports viewers back to the classroom and allows them to become a child that becomes a victim of cyberbullying at school.

The campaign ran on Facebook and Youtube with a 360º video and a ‘meta’ video that showed teachers and parents reacting to the 360º video in VR. The 360º video was seen over 65.000 times and the ‘meta’ video received 298.000 views on Facebook and Youtube, gathering over 2.700 engagements (reactions and comments) on the topic.

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