Copenhagen Harbour | Copenhagen Service Center

Client: Copenhagen Visitor Service – Copenhagen Municipality

Target Medium: Pico

Challenge: The Copenhagen Waterfront, as well as the countless experiences and opportunities that surrounds them, are often not well known to tourists when they visit Copenhagen for the first time.

Task: Copenhagen Service Center wanted to create a virtual tour, to give their visitors the opportunity to experience the Copenhagen waterfront and their surroundings in VR, with a focus on how much diversity there is between the displayed districts.

Solution:  At Copenhagen Visitor Service on Vesterbrogade, all visitors have the opportunity to experience 5 virtual tours of the Copenhagen waterfront and their surroundings at the various locations in Virtual Reality. The 5 virtual tours each start at their own location, and visitors can therefore choose which of the 5 harbor fronts they want to visit in VR:

  • Christianshavn
  • Nordhavn
  • Sydhavn
  • Waterfront
  • Islands Brygge

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