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Client: Cisco (with Engage Agency)

Target Medium: HTC Vive

Task: It is often a challenge to attract people to get to know more about your products at trade fair shows and explain the product benefits in a short time. Cisco had a 5m x 5m space at a trade show that they could use for an installation to activate passer byes.

Together with Engage Digital, we created a VR Quiz game that, in 3 minutes, people would have to guess correctly multiple questions related to Cloud products and Kubernetes, while having to dodge fireballs and lightning coming from the sky. Since the experience was built for the HTC Vive, the in-VR experience was being casted to an external PC screen, so that people passing by could see what the person in VR was doing and thus attract more visitors. At the end of the game, each player was attributed a score based on their performance.

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Sérgio Oliveira

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