Metro | Metroselskabet & Hovedstadens Letbane

Client: Metroselskabet & Hovedstadens Letbane

Target Medium: Smartphone / Tablet

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Metroselskabet & Hovedstadens Letbane wanted to give tourists in Copenhagen the opportunity to explore attractions and locations in Copenhagen through an interactive, uncomplicated and easy accessible AR experience.

Solution: In collaboration with Metroselskabet & Hovedbanens Letbane, Khora produced an interactive AR experience, bringing the Cityring metro map to life, giving tourists in Copenhagen the opportunity to explore some of the many attractions and sites the stops on the metro map have to offer. QR codes and metro maps are placed all over the metro stations, both inside and out, to make them easily accessible.

Scan the QR code, find the metro map and click the station you want to know more about!

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Katrine Konyher

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