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Client: Kriminalforsorgen

Partner: Signifly

Target Medium: Pico

Challenge: It can be problematic to convey exactly what it means to be a prison officer, and what situations they encounter in everyday life. For the same reason, training as a prison officer is not sought after, and in the past year alone, the number of newly trained prison officer has fallen by 100.

Task:  A mobile Virtual Reality experience that contains a series of 360° videos which shows what it means to be a prison officer. The VR experience gives an insight into the world behind the walls of 2 of Denmark’s largest prisons; Vestre Fængsel and Storstrøm Fængsel, to hopefully motivate Danes, specifically young people, to take an education as a prison guard.

 Solution: In collaboration with the agency Signifly, Khora helped with video production and VR-app programming of a series of 360° videos in Virtual Reality, which gives visitors the opportunity to experience some of Denmark’s largest prisons from the inside, and in VR to experience a day as a prison guard. The solution is mobile, and is designed to be used, among other things, in the Correctional Service’s event truck, which drives around the country and displays the 360° videos from 2 of Denmark’s largest prisons:

  • Vestre Fængsel (Denmark’s largest prison, where inmates have not yet been sentenced)
  • Storstrøm Fængsel (Closed prison with a secured ward)

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