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Client: Momondo and Visit Copenhagen

Target Medium: WebVR

Task: Copenhagen is a wonderful city. In order inspire new travellers, the world’s most renowned travel search engine, Momondo, and the city’s official tourism organization, Visit Copenhagen, wanted to give them a unique way to experience the city before coming and without leaving the computer.

The solution that Khora found was to build an online webplayer for Momondo to incorporate a series of interactive 360º videos on their website. The 360º videos were produced in-house and gave the viewer a tour through Copenhagen’s most famous neighbourhoods (Vesterbro, Inner city and Nørrebro). During the tour, the viewer could select different paths of the tour (e.g.: visiting a deli, or visiting Carlsberg brewery) by clicking on hotspot icons that appear in the screen during the video. This gave viewers more agency to ‘choose their own adventures’ and explore the places that they were more curious to know about.

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