Cityscape Repairman 2.0


Target Medium: Oculus Rift

Download Links: Oculus Store

Task: In a world where no one is special, where the word individualism is banned and everyone is working hard to contribute to society, you will find a repairman. A repairman struggling to get by and to maintain Cityscape – a massive infrastructure that requires constant care in order to function properly. As the Repairman it is your duty to ensure that all maintenance tasks are completed, by solving increasingly difficult puzzles in a timely and efficient manner. Cityscape is a big place and everyone has to prove how well they contribute to its maintenance. Through 18 industrial levels, you will need to complete your tasks as fast as possible in order to make it to the top 10 leaderboard for each puzzle. Remember, without your efforts Cityscape would simply stop functioning. We value hard work, not your opinion. Your services are appreciated!

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Peter Fisher

Peter Fisher

Co-founder & CTO

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