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Client: Carlsberg (through Balls Agency)

Target Medium: Oculus Go

Task: Bicycle accidents in Denmark are often related to drivers riding under the influence of alcohol. With the pressure to socialize, university freshmen students are amongst one of the groups most prone to cycle under the influence. Aarhus University wanted to turn this around. Together with Carlsberg, they wanted to explore new ways of discouraging freshman university students to ride back home on a bike after a night out partying. 

While setting up the ‘Drik med Respekt’ (‘Drink with Respect’) campaign, Balls Agency thought about integrating Virtual Reality in the campaign, so they reached out to Khora. Using 360º video and VFX, we created a simulation of drunk cycling. The VR simulation was exhibited at bars in Aarhus, where the viewers could hop on a standing bike and put on a Oculus Go VR headset to get a more realistic feeling.

The VR simulation was meant to raise awareness to the campaign and encourage freshmen to actively sign up for a SMS-based system that will prompt notifications to the participants about the dangers of driving under the influence to try and curb bike accidents. The campaign was later the subject of a study to measure its impact.

The project was also used internally at Carlsberg during the Global Beer Responsibility Day, where employees from the Central Office in Copenhagen got to experience in first hand the dangers of cycling intoxicated.

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